Mentalist - Mind Reader - Psychic Entertainer

Introduction by Carol Colon


Mark Johnson is a popular mind reader and mentalist who has amazed audiences around the country.


He has appeared at corporate events, banquets, private parties, trade shows, colleges and universities, association meetings and business groups.


After Mark’s show for a major hospital chain’s annual banquet, the CEO said, “it’s the best entertainment we’ve ever had. Mark is amazing.”


Mark is a member of the invitation-only Psychic Entertainers Association, an exclusive organization of nationally ranked professional mentalists, mind readers and psychic entertainers. He is also a dedicated member of Friends of Jim the Wonder Dog, the 300 Club, and the Rotary Club of Buckhead in Atlanta.


He is an active volunteer with the Companions For Heroes project which matches veterans suffering from PTSD with shelter dogs.


In his other life, Mark is a speechwriter and presentation producer who works exclusively with senior executives.


He has written four books. His latest is Yes Ma’am, You’re Right: the Essential Rules for Living with a Woman.


He has been around the world twice but has never been to Vermont. He does not eat beets or chicken livers.


He lives in Smyrna with his wife, Rebecca Johnson, and two rescue dogs: an arrogant and stubborn Scottish terrier, and a loveable mutt who has the IQ of a radish.