Hi! My name is Timothy Banister

It had to start somewhere.

Well, I guess it all started on November 23rd 1970. I was birthed on my dad’s red, floral ottoman during an episode of the Brady Bunch. You know the one. The one wear Jan’s had it up to here with Marcia so she starts wearing a chocolate brown fro’! Great writing Sherwood Schwartz! I hadn’t seen writing this good since Gilligan swallowed the professor’s ham radio while riding a bamboo unicycle.

Here I was in Sunnyside, Ga., a booming metropolis of 17 people. Well, 19 if you added the husband and wife team of lion tamers who lived in the old abandoned circus trailer, which was left here from the last circus that came through Sunnyside.  Sadly the circus ended abruptly after the clown disaster of ’76. During the now famous “how many clowns can you cram into a Ford Pinto” bit, 13 clowns were vaporized when their Pinto was rear ended by two poodles on a tandem bike. It was OUR Chernobyl.

Somehow I did make it out alive though. Fast forwarding a bit, I graduated from the University of Georgia in 1994 and then moved to New York City to try my first hand at standup comedy. I took a class which culminated with a beginner’s show at “Caroline’s On Broadway.” I nearly fainted as I was introduced, but somehow crawled onto the stage and did my first five minutes of Stand Up. To my own shock and amazement, nobody threw a chair at me. Okay, so that happened at another show later on.

Though I had to step away from performing some since that first time on stage(marriage to my lovely bride which beget three beautiful little ladies, service as a youth pastor as well as a one year tour in Iraq while serving in the Army), I never stopped writing and I never relented on keeping my comedy clean. When I got back onto the stage a several years ago, I committed to sharing through my testimony a positive message through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Recent Appearances:

New Vision Church Youth Ministry - Fayetteville, Ga.

Open Wings Ministry Pastor Appreciation Dinner - Riverdale, Ga.

Georgia Baptist Children’s Home – Meansville, Ga.

Emcee for Christian Contemporary Band “House of Thomas” – Atlanta, Ga.

Boy Scout/ Cub Scout Program Fundraiser – Locust Grove, Ga.                   

Betterway Ministries – Senoia, Ga.                                                                               


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